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Hammerhead is a body shop located in the Leide region of the Kingdom of Lucis. The ever-cheerful belle of the body shop Cindy Aurum handles the day-to-day business. With skills passed down to her from her grandfather, a man with an artisan spirit, she is a highly accomplished mechanic in her own right. Cindy supports Noctis and the gang on their travels as the mechanic of their beloved vehicle, the Regalia. The prince and his friends place the utmost trust in Cindy's maintenance work.

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Cosplay has an incredible power among fan communities to keep players and viewers engaged in popular titles, even long after a game's initial release. Final Fantasy 15 is no exception to this power, as fans have continued to circle around the constantly evolving game since its launch all the way back in A cosplayer who goes by the username KendelB Cosplay online has recently posted new photos from her cosplay as Cindy Aurum from Final Fantasy Kendal B is far from the first cosplayer to make a costume for Final Fantasy 15 's blonde grease monkey who spends most of her time fixing up the Regalia after players smash it into one too many trees. The costume itself is simple enough, following Cindy's design in-game with a yellow jacket, jean shorts, and her trademark Hammerhead trucker hat, advertising the mechanic shop she works at. Shoot soon, looking for a good location.


When someone complained that Cindy was "too sexy" at a presentation in April , director Hajime Tabata notes that they did not intend for her to be an erotic character, and felt that the combination of her personality and appearance made it not too "problematic" if someone saw her while another person was playing the game. Marketing manager Akio Ofuji noted that it was more about her outfit as a mechanic. Tabata stated that he had no intention of changing her design, but noted the value of moderating her presentation to avoid the impression of oversexualization. Cindy Aurum appears as a non-playable character in the video game Final Fantasy XV , where she serves as a mechanic for protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum.
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