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Near the year , the crystal children began to arrive. They already had many things facilitated by the previous generation and could manifest the power of love and compassion. With their big piercing eyes, these little ones look at the world with serenity. They have great affection, which allows them to feel very connected to others and that is why they are often peacefully involved in claiming all kinds of issues for other people or the environment. They connect deeply with the energy of nature, and sometimes they get annoyed in closed spaces or with too many people. They enjoy being alone and in tranquillity.

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Earlier this year, I had an illuminating psychic reading with a woman here in Madison, Wisconsin. In 15 minutes, I learned quite a bit about certain elements of my life. With the shifting, higher-frequency energies of the Earth, some very powerful Lightworker souls have come to assist us with the transition. So far, there have been three generations of these Lightworkers: the Indigo Children Indigos , the Crystal Children Crystals , and now the Rainbow Children , who are being born to Crystal adults.

Crystal Children, The

Have you ever felt like you didn't fit in? Did you feel you were bullied as a kid by your peers? Did others find you quirky, weird, or eccentric in some way? Do you have special interests or are you especially talented in a few areas? Do you have streams of good ideas and suggestions, but struggle to sell your ideas to others to implement them?
Are your sensitivities so strong that you easily get overwhelmed by the emotions of other people? Do you often speak to others — through your energy, emotions, and thoughts- but without ever saying a word? If you were born after the s and resonate strongly with this, you may be a Crystal Adult.