Jessica rabbit nude scene

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By Michael Fleming. Film Editor, Deadline Hollywood. Disney, the home of wholesome family entertainment, released an animated film that features a full-frontal — if almost subliminal — nude shot of one of its franchise females. The most compelling is the scene in which the cartoon Jessica Rabbit is riding with Bob Hoskins through Toon Town in an animated taxi. The cab careens into a light post, and both Hoskins and Jessica are thrown from the vehicle. Jessica spins in Kerrigan-like triple lutz fashion, with her red dress hiking up.

‘Roger Rabbit’ Laserdiscs Contain X-Rated Material

Jessica Rabbit revealed - Variety

Sometimes something naughty gets slipped and we only notice it when become adults. Many of us would have fond memories of the time we spent spaced out in front of our TVs, VCRs or VCD players during our childhoods while the cartoons we watched whisked us away to a world filled with catchy music and unforgettable adventures. Chalk it up to us being too young but there were some things never did notice from some of these cartoons we loved as kids: all the dirty jokes, violence, graphic humour, death, and even sometimes even nudity. So be prepared guys for you childhoods to be ruined. Although there were plenty of kid-style animated characters in the movie, there was the obvious, oversexualised and inappropriate Jessica Rabbit character.

10 inappropriate moments in animated movies that’ll ruin your childhood

In another scene, Baby Herman fondles a woman as he passes under her dress and there is graffiti on a wall including a plug for a brothel run by Allyson Wonderland. The scenes, which Disney animators apparently felt were virtually subliminal and could not be detected by the naked eye, caused embarrassment at the Burbank-based studio--which is known worldwide for its wholesome, family entertainment. Word of the controversy also triggered a run on the laser disc at local video outlets. Fleming said that while unnoticeable at the usual 24 frames per second, the scenes are visible when viewed frame by frame, as is possible with laser-disc players and four-head VCRs. Thousands of the discs have already been sold.
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