Naruto fairy tail fanfiction

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I hope you enjoy this story. For the moment I've just decided to write this for just the reason that I'm on a school trip in America and my bus has no Wi-Fi. Also, lots of flights I have like 23 hours of flights tomorrow DX. So, I thought why not write fanfiction to pass the time. I apologise if like some other stories this one isn't updated often or placed on a VERY long hiatus.

God of Requip Chapter 1, a Naruto + Fairy Tail Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply This newly learned jutsu will allow Naruto to summon his Destined One. And that person would be none other than the magical Assassin that fought Erza in the Tower of Heaven.

Looking for beta-reader The youngest generation of Fairy Tail, against the Dragon King of Apocalypse, leading by Erza Scarlet, the other members of Fairy Tail returned to aid Natsu in his assault against the Dragon, in order to protect their master, in order to protect their own, as a family. Bringing out everything that was left inside them, Fairy Tail team attacked Acnologia, bringing down wave after wave of magic on its gigantic body. You little.
This is a crossover between Naruto and Fairy tail but there will be elements from other anime's like the seven deadly sin's and Black Clover. The Kingdom of Fiore is a neutral country of seventeen million people. Magic, bought and sought every day, is an integral part of the people's lives. Moreover, there are those who use magic as their occupation.