Purchasing amateur telescopes

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If you're an astronomy lover, you can watch the night sky from the comfort of your home with these telescopes. Humans have always been amazed by the sky and the mysterious it holds, and now, with the developing technologies, you can capture galaxies that are far, far away. For example, check out this astrophotographer's marvelous photographs that he was able to capture from a light-polluted backyard with a couple of inexpensive gears. After looking at beautiful pictures for so long, isn't it time to photograph or even film these phenomenons yourself?

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Purchasing Amateur Telescopes FAQ

These are just some of the questions we regularly hear from readers who want to take their first steps in the world of practical astronomy. They are certainly worth consideration to ensure you spend as little of your heard-earned cash to get great views of the night sky. Tucked away in the corners of many garages and spare rooms sit dormant telescopes: telescopes designed to gather views of moons, stars and planets, purchased with excitement, but now gathering dust. Perhaps some were too cumbersome to take in and out at night, others too complicated to set up, or maybe underwhelming views led to disappointment. Admittedly, there is a bewildering array of equipment available; however, we can divide all those variations into just three basic types.

Purchasing Amateur Telescopes FAQ

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This is an exciting time to be alive if you have an interest in celestial objects. From interstellar objects visiting our solar system to astronomers winning the Nobel Prize for their discovery of exoplanets, history is being made on many fronts in astronomy. With a relatively inexpensive telescope, anyone can indulge in some amateur astronomy and with a few simple add-ons, indulge in some astrophotography as well.