Wedgie dice dare stories

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I did two wedgie dice dares in the first part, and I had rolled for this one. The next quiz was a lot more detailed than I was expecting. Top Underwear: Red b-cup sports bra with crumpled up paper as stuffing. I had to change some things. I know I could just roll again for that specific question, but I thought this would be more interesting.

Dice Dare Wedgie Story (Part One)

extremely painful wedgie dares @ Olsat test 5th grade :: 痞客邦 ::

This information is meant to be fun - any actions you do after reading this stuff happens at your own responsability! OK, now that the serious stuff is taken care of Or simply want to have fresh ideas for creative dares involving your undies, be sure to sign up for our 7-Part Email Course! A short struggle, ripped undies and some painful underwear action is best illustrated by a dare video:.

painful dice dare

He was in a perfect place for a wedige! So I sneaked up behind him and yanked it so hard that I heard a rip! He was furious!!! He lunged and I ran but he was faster and gave me an atomic wedgie in the middle of the playground!
Mega Wedgie Dice Dare. Get either one 12 sided die, or two 6 sided dice. AND if you fail to complete a wedgie.