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Violet lives in a little town and works at a pizza parlor; but she has big dreams of becoming a song writer. So she picks up and moves to New York. What can she do? Become a Coyote. Violet is going to have to choose what is most important to her. Yes I have to admit I have seen the original version of this movie; it is not a great movie, the acting is lacking, the storyline is weak, and the biggest draw is barely dressed dancing girls; but somehow there is a little entertainment if you are lazy on a weekend.

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If you think what we do is worthwhile, please donate or become a member advertisement Coyote Ugly PG - 5. An aspiring songwriter from New Jersey Piper Perabo moves to New York City to start her career but ends up working in a wild bar instead. A woman takes off her shirt and skirt in front of a man we see part of her panties and most of her bra through a transparent tank top , then she kisses him and takes off his shirt; in a post-coitus scene, the camera pans up his sheet-covered legs and bare chest as he lies in bed, and we also see her with a sheet wrapped around her body. Several scenes of women in midriff- and cleavage-revealing tops dancing suggestively on a bar counter, sometimes with each other; in one scene the women repeatedly pour water all over each other we see a few close-ups of their chests , in another scene two women pull up a man's shirt and pour alcohol on his chest and in his mouth, in another scene a few women remove their bras and a few women are seen wearing bras, and in another scene a man puts his hands on a woman's hips while trying to dance with her she pushes him away. Twice, a man is auctioned off to the highest female bidder: in one scene a man comically dances on a bar counter and shows the top of his underwear, and in the other scene a man removes his shirt and reveals a bit of his underwear while dancing suggestively on a bar counter the highest bidder kisses his bare chest comically. At a baseball game a woman takes off her jersey her bra is visible and briefly strokes a bat we see a man's surprised reaction to this. Part of a woman's panties and bra are visible when she's changing clothes; also, we see the silhouette of a woman's torso from the side as she's putting on a shirt.

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The film has become a cult classic and has acquired a cult following over the years. Violet tries multiple times to get her demo tape noticed by the recording studios but is unsuccessful. One night, she tries to get herself noticed by a music industry scout. The bartender jokingly points out Kevin O'Donnell, making her believe that he is the bar owner.