Aika r-16

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It takes place ten years before Agent Aika and follows the story of Aika's first mission when she is 16 years old. They were acquired by Bandai Entertainment who dubbed the first series in English and licensed the second series with English subtitles. High school student Aika Sumeragi , with her sharp mind and athletic body, has passed the C-class Salvager test and gotten a C-class Salvager license. Despite being sixteen years old now, she is still being treated as a child by Gozo Aida. Having finally gotten a license, Aika started putting up posters offering her Salvager services. At that time her classmate and president of the Treasure Hunting Club , Eri Shinkai, posted a request for her.

AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission

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Before becoming the sensual and sensational Agent AIKa there was Aika Sumeragi, an unemployed student who, after years of training, just received her C Class salvaging license. Setting out on her first adventure alongside the school s resident treasure hunting club, Aika quickly finds out that the life of a salvager goes beyond simply finding ancient artifacts and well into the bizarre. Be prepared for an onslaught of fan-service as Aika and her team do battle against a lingerie wearing dominatrix homeroom teacher and her short skirt clad minions! Skip to main content. See All Buying Options.
Browse our picks. Title: Aika R Virgin Mission —. The Treasure Hunt Club celebrates a failed kidnapping attempt by throwing a bikini beach party.