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Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. See the full gallery. Four assassin women and their victim "Giang Dong Ghi" who is a famous Korean actor. After recognizing the victim is their idol, three assassins start to admire him. Another one nevertheless follows her mission.

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This Statue of Tara is a gilt-bronze sculpture of a standing figure of a female deity, created in the 8th century. The figure wears a high crown dominated by a hole in the top that was initially created for a large precious stone. The statue is famous because of its artistic history and made using a specialized manufacturing process. The figure was created from expensive metals utilizing the technique of the lost wax casting in Sri Lanka. This unique sculpture was taken by force from the last King of Kandy when the British annexed Kandy. It was founded in the late 15th century and endured until the early 19th century. When the British Museum acquired the statue in the s, they were concerned that the exposed breasts, narrow waist, and curvaceous hips.

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It combines a host of controversial elements with a seasoning of technology on top. NSFW Warning: all links have nude photos concerning this issue, so beware before clicking, especially if you are at work. The exhibit, which was shown in the popular beach city of Vung Tau, was meant to be a commentary on feng shui and the relationship between image and story. The story starts out with Van walking up to a temple, meditating in the temple, and eventually learning from a monk there. But it all finishes with pictures of Thue Phong, dressed as a monk, meditating, with Van posing in the background nude.
In Hong Kong, at a masked ball party, a greedy rich man pretends he has lost a diamonds ring, blaming a young girl for the theft, and demanding that she pays him for the cost. The link is not working, maybe because of the asterisk stars in it? This will be awesome. Although Malaysia's performance is generally satisfactory, it was tarnished by the disqualification of Tai Cheau Xuen gold medal for wushu event due to a doping scandal and the misbehaviour of some of its athletes such as smoking and causing damage to property. They will not be notified.