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Aarmau is a fanmade pairing within the fandom of Minecraft Diaries. The ship involves the characters Aphmau and Aaron, which has recently gained more support from fans. As a result, there has been an increase in interaction between the two characters in the canon. In a roleplay side story, Aphmau and Aaron have breakfast at IHOP, gotten cake together, and ended up going to the movies to watch The end result is a very satisfied Lemon Girl who feels very emotionally balanced at the moment. And then I figured the Four P's of my happiness: Pineapples, Pasta, Potato chips and Lemon Boi whose name starts with P and shall hopefully keep me well stocked with the other three.

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Party Cat. He has not been found, but it is not confirmed he is dead. See more ideas about Aphmau, Aphmau pictures, Aphmau fan art. He hates jelly donuts. Browse more videos. We proudly offer a wide variety of party supplies for all occasions including kids birthday parties, milestones birthdays, baby shower, holidays and much more. Jun 16, - By Aphmau herself you can find on her site Overview Affiliation Gallery Blaze was a supporting character introduced in "Looking for an Alpha".

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