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Both Trudy and Oscar's families come to visit for the twins' baptism, but end up arguing the entire time. Penny's favorite show, Iesha, is cancelled so she goes on a crusade to have the show put back on air. Chips, Francois is put to work at the Proud Snacks factory and Mr. Chips is living a Watch the video.

The Proud Family

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Even though her skin is darker, she has blonde hair, which could've been dyed. Her hair is tied in a ponytail over her forehead while the rest of it is down. Dijonay wears a lavender button-up crop top with a sky blue jacket over it, which matches her bobbles and a blue skirt that reaches the top of her knees. She is Penny 's selfish, chubby butand enthusiastic best friend. She loves to gossip and has gotten Penny into trouble many times. She has an obsessive crush on Sticky Webb , who is trying to avoid her affection.

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