Dream woman

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My second call echoes through empty space, and rouses nobody--produces, in short, no visible result. I am at the end of my resources--I don't know what to say or what to do next. Here I stand in the solitary inn yard of a strange town, with two horses to hold, and a lady to take care of. By way of adding to my responsibilities, it so happens that one of the horses is dead lame, and that the lady is my wife. There is plenty of time to answer the question.

The Dream Woman: A Mystery in Four Narratives

Interpretation of a dream in which you saw «Woman»

In this story the hero is haunted by a beautiful young woman who tries to stab him to death with a knife. This fantasy recurs on each of his birthdays, becoming more and more real as the years go on. He leaves home to secure a place as groom, but arrives at his destination too late. Forced to retrace his steps, he seeks shelter in a little inn, forgetting that the hour of his birth is approaching. In the middle of the night he awakens, terrified with fright.

Woman - Meaning of Dream

The dream eventually becomes his reality, when he marries a woman, who looks exactly like the figure in his dream. The mystery lies in the question of whether the woman, Alicia Warlock, is actually real or is perhaps a demon or a ghost. So I thought.
To see a woman in a dream is the same as wise advice from above, because this fragile earthly creature has a huge inner core, which not every strong man can boast of. A woman is a born actress; it is very foolish to wait for explanation of the reasons for appearing in a dream from her. Even if a specific message was sounded from the lips of a night visitor, a clearly formulated prophecy - dream books are advising not to flatter oneself.