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The Adamo laptop ultimately failed, but many of its designs were used by Dell in laptops such as the Vostro V13 and Vostro V Sandy Bridge microprocessors are close to two generations ahead of the Core 2 Duo processors, which are based on the older Penryn microarchitecture. A Dell spokeswoman declined to comment on the new ultrathin laptop, saying further details would be released at a later date. Ultrathin laptops are lightweight and easy to carry, but high prices have limited their sales.

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Best Laptop. Business Class, Media Center , and Gaming System are just a few of the names advertisers apply to the plethora of laptop types available on the market today. Deciding which laptop is right for which purpose however has more to do with the category in which each belongs, and less to do with how fancy the machine may look. Knowing the different laptop categories and how they impact what the owner gets overall is critical in ensuring the right machine is purchased.

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