Its my sex life

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Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

MTV - It's Your Sex Life — Fluent Studios

While you discuss many subjects with your doctor, like proper blood pressure and cholesterol levels, your sex life probably doesn't make the list — but it should. In fact, a recent poll found that for a majority of older adults, a healthy sex life continues to be important. Whether or not they have an active sex life, nearly two-thirds of older adults say they're interested in sex, and more than half say sex is important to their quality of life. Yet, when it comes to talking with their doctor about their sexual health, older adults are often reluctant to open up.

Straight talk about your sex life

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Sabrina 's story, like many of the other stories on " 16 and Pregnant ," touched on an important question: Why didn't she know the consequences of having unprotected sex? As with lots of other teens, Sabrina took her school's sex-ed class. Both her parents and the program told her that she wasn't ready to have sex, but they didn't explain why.