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Detective Hollis Lucetti Terrence Howard receives news from a doctor that he has been sterile his entire life. Upon reaching home, he questions his wife about who their children's father is. The story switches to Gavin Nichols Charlie Hunnam , an atheist , standing on a ledge as if to jump to his death. A small crowd forms below Gavin, and Hollis responds to the emergency. At first it looks like a regular suicide attempt.

Liv Tyler Tied Up And Gagged for New Movie

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Born into celebrity as the daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell , actress Liv Tyler , 35, has carved out a place in American popular culture that is all her own. She has appeared in such cult classics as Stealing Beauty , amassed critical acclaim in films such as That Thing You Do! Now, she is opting for darker fare by starring in The Ledge with Patrick Wilson. It all sort of came together in this way, and Bobby was going away to make the movie, and literally got there and Matthew wrote me a letter and sort of re-offered it to me. I decided [to do it] and within four days got on a plane to Baton Rouge to make the film. I had never really done that before and it was interesting.

Liv Tyler Gagged Astra (gif request)

Forman, The Sop, July 6th On the surface Liv Tyler looks timid, fragile and sort of kitten-ish. So much so that you just want to wrap your arms around her and protect the beautiful young actress. True, in her black sweater, white floral print cotton blouse, black mini-skirt and strappy black leather open toed stilettos, with her hair loose and flowing, she is a stunner. But the tall, stunning blue-eyed young woman, mother of a young son, Milo , daughter of American Idol judge Steven Tyler and actress is much more than meets the eyes.
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