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Sybian is amazing from beginning to climax! Whether alone or with a partner, the Sybian is fun, fulfilling, and offers an experience that no other sexual device can match. Its unparalleled simplistic design provides varied stimulation and maximum pleasure; with easy to use controls that allow you to focus on your gratification. Couples can use Sybian as a prelude to sexual intercourse or as an extension of their lovemaking.

Ultimate Guide to the Sybian, Plus 6 Awesome Sybian Alternatives

Best Sybian Machines - Top 5 Saddle Sex Machine Alternatives

So, you want to experience the excitement of a Sybian but would rather go with a different brand. I applaud you for taking your pleasure into your own hands! A saddle sex machine can be used by men and women alike. It provides a private or shared, if you prefer way to explore your sexuality in a fun, exciting way. Our experts have chosen this as the best overall pick due to its popularity, design features, and performance. This option is what most people are looking for.

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Does not contain latex rubber, PVC or silicone rubber. A highly stable base stays in place. Remote control or cordless use available.
Only compliant I have is it needs some softer lifts. The hard plastic ones can hurt after long sessions.. Stay tuned as we explore the other attachments available. I purchased this for my girlfriend use when she was here and she looked at it and had serious doubts.