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Warning Graphic Content: The incredible montage of hundreds of scans also shows a birth, people speaking and a pair of lungs breathing. Have you ever wondered what sex would look like captured on an MRI scan? Neither had we, but you're about to find out anyway. These amazing images were captured for scientific purposes of course, the Irish Mirror reports.

Here's What Sex Looks Like in an MRI Scanner

This Is What Sex (And Other Things) Look Like Inside An MRI Machine - Airows

Have you ever wished you could see what goes on in the human body when you have sex? If your answer is yes, good news: This recent video put together by Vox uses images from an MRI scanner to show the human body in action during all kinds of situations — and sex as illustrated by a series of MRIs? Is just as fascinating as you think it is. Look at how fast their hearts are beating! Fun fact: Although this is the first time most of us lay-people read: non-doctors have seen it, the sex footage was captured way back in the s by Dutch doctor Pek Van Andel. According to the Daily Mail, the videos were created by knitting hundreds of still MRI images together. Also, can we have a round of applause for the couple or couples who volunteered to have sex in an MRI scanner?

What sex and birth look like through an MRI machine

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The video above compiles some of the most striking videos captured by an MRI machine, including a quasi-NSFW clip of a couple having sex. Magnetic Resonance Imaging has been commercially available since the s, but more recent improvements in resolution and computing have made it possible to build videos from the scans, and even provide technicians with detailed real-time moving images.
In its first year, it picked up the IgNobel prize for medicine, and has since become one of the most downloaded BMJ articles of all time. In celebration of the article's anniversary, his thoughts are published in a special feature in The BMJ. Image source: Dickinson RL. Human sex anatomy, a topographical hand atlas. The researchers concluded that taking magnetic resonance images MRIs of the male and female genitals during sexual intercourse is feasible and adds to our knowledge of anatomy.