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Sex and Sexuality

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During adolescence, youth are faced with the key tasks of adjusting to their developing sexualities as well as forming intimate relationships. Recent findings suggest that youth use digital media in the service of these developmental tasks. They utilize information available online as well as peer interactions to cope with and adjust to their changing bodies and sexualities. Adolescents also engage in sexting and other related behaviors, which have been found to afford healthy development while simultaneously imposing considerable risks. They also use digital tools such as social media to maintain friendships, develop romantic relationships, and even pursue interactions with strangers. Findings have shown that digital media can provide youth opportunities in the pursuit of developmental tasks, but they also come with risks. Nonetheless, many scholars believe that the risks are not intrinsic to the digital tools themselves but may relate to individual or contextual factors.

Selecting Films for Sex Research: Gender Differences in Erotic Film Preference

The aim of this study was to explore gender differences in sexual responsiveness to erotic films that had been selected for their differential appeal for men and women. A secondary objective was to identify variables that influence sexual arousal and explore whether these variables differ for men and women. Overall, men found the film clips more sexually arousing than did the women. Gender differences in arousal were negligible for female-selected clips but substantial for male-selected clips.
Sexuality in music videos has been evident since the s. The extent to which stereotypes align with gender portrayal varies with each decade. Music video content has remained culturally relevant and subliminally influential on adolescent character development. In addition, the overlap between race and gender is evident throughout music video history.