Top 10 anime dances

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Anime is filled to the brim with incredible scenes. There are a countless number of shows with tense action sequences or beautifully-crafted scenes that tug at the heart. Every now and then, though, we fans get treated to some complex dance sequences. And boy, are they a delight!

How many dances do you know in anime?

The 20 Most Amazing Anime Dances of All Time |

Unless you are an Idol M ster, dancing in anime is a fairly uncommon thing. Even those anime series that do have it keep their cute dances to the opening or ending sequences. However, these alluring little dance routines are not just good fodder for cosplayers to break out for that next anime con flash mob, they are also really addicting to watch. Best commit this song and dance to memory for that next time you need a distraction. You know when. During all those adventures you have. A good distraction is essential for adventures.

Top 10 Anime Dances

Hip-hop, folk dance, discotheque, pop - name it! There has to be one anime dance that corresponds. Among these dances, a few of them stands out and are favored by more anime fans. In terms of popularity, catchiness, and overall tune, here are 25 dances every anime fans should know!
Dancing in anime is uncommon—unless the characters suddenly go to a ball and waltz—but the anime that do feature a dance, are quite notable. Kagemori Mamoru seems like your ordinary nerd. Mamoru has had the duty of taking care of Yuuna since they were in kindergarten, but Yuuna is quite clumsy and prone to accidents so he has a large job ahead of him. Now this cute little harem anime may not be that recognizable to many fans, but the dance that is in here will be sure to put a smile on your face!