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A YouTube star who made a name for himself touting weed is facing criminal charges Joel Hradecky and two friends took a trip to the abandoned ft. The guys lit up blunts and smoked wax as they traversed the steel beams. No one would have known the trio had trespassed, were it not for the fact that Joel recorded the hijinks and posted it to his YouTube page, which has more than , subscribers. Fish and Wildlife officials reviewed the video, and it was clear Joel and company saw the "no trespassing signs. There was still the issue of finding them, but it wasn't hard, because the license plate on their truck was plain as day on the video.


YouTube Stoner: Films His Own Crime Cops Say, 'Thanks'

Guy gets fired for not participating in company mandated prayer. Change of pace from karen videos, this mans name is phil and hes homeless. Here he is receiving gifts from fans. Apparently she is a councilwoman and she did a livestream talking about how he got fired from his job. Flying dildo makes guy at Russian press angry. Man knocks out peadophile after threats to touch his kids. Famous musicians break out in a spontaneous tribute to Harry Belafonte while the cameras were rolling :.

Who Is Customgrow420? His Wife, Real Name, And Other Facts To Know

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Till date, the growth, use, and possession of cannabis remain illegal in the United States under the federal law. However, at the state level of jurisdiction, the legality of cannabis ranges from legal recreational use, medical use and limited medical use to illegal. It seems that legality in some states has helped the growth of WeedTubers. The most popular WeedTuber has over 1. His popularity has traveled beyond YouTube to reach other social media platforms.