Adult financial literacy

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The NFEC now provides financial literacy curriculum for adults to interested participants worldwide, which features material that can easily be adjusted to fit the learning needs of any group of people. This includes people of any socioeconomic background or age group. These are impactful and engaging solutions that present a fun, and memorable, way to acquire important information. Camila works as a life coach to adults who are currently going back to school to complete their high-school educations. She currently helps about 26 people, and she feels that showing them an effective, free financial literacy curriculum for adults would be extremely beneficial for their own finances. After performing a series of casual interviews with her adult students, she realized that essentially every single one of them lacked even a basic understanding of responsible money management.

8 Fun and Free eLearning Courses That Teach Financial Literacy to Young Adults

Financial Literacy for Adults: Top 10 Tips for Teaching Adults | NFEC

Schools across the country have closed their doors in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Students have been sent home and classrooms are empty. And courses from a range of sources teach all subjects offered at school — including personal finance. Here are eight online programs that are free and have financial literacy lessons tailored toward young adults.

Money Smart - A Financial Education Program

The National Standards for Adult Financial Literacy Education identify the personal finance knowledge and skills an adult should possess. Financial literacy is a lifelong process requiring both academic and practical components. No single textbook or educational program can result in a financially literate adult.
We help you help the people you serve. For adult financial educators, the tools here show our latest thinking on consumer financial behavior and effective financial education practices. We've gathered our tools, worksheets, handouts, and audio recordings by topic. You can use these resources with the people you serve.