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In the second season of Girls , Hannah Horvath played by series creator Lena Dunham turns down a freelance assignment for an "I Had a Threesome" first-person essay because "I have enough trouble just figuring out where to place my attention on one person's body. That may have been one of Hannah's many sexual hangups, but as for the real Dunham, there was no X-rated scenario too outlandish to dramatize on her show. When it debuted in , Girls quickly gained a raunchy reputation. Fans came to know that the comedy was at its best while portraying sex in all its messy, authentic, bare-skinned glory. With the show now wrapping up with the conclusion of Season 6, we've rounded up Girls ' 11 most embarrassingly awful -- and thus, terrifically funny -- sex scenes.

Say Goodbye to 'Girls' With The Nudity-Obsessed Show's 7 Wildest Sex Scenes

Girls Sex Scenes: The Cast Talks About Their Craziest Memories

Evette Dionne. Over the course of five seasons, HBO's "Girls" has pushed the boundaries of cable television. In that scene, Dunham and Apatow wanted to include a shot of Elijah cumming. That's where HBO drew the line. The network told the show's producers that airing a cum shot could cost them their broadcasting license.

There's a 'Girls' sex scene we never saw because it 'crossed the line' for HBO

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