Amateure be

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He's a mere amateur when it comes to cooking. Our earliest record of the word's literal sense comes from a source. Examples of amateur in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web With only an occasional smattering of applause, the atmosphere was more akin to a nondescript amateur tournament than one of the world's most famous sporting events. Hinch as Arizona Diamondbacks manager," 30 Oct. How about 51 games? I think we might," 21 Oct.

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In April Christina Massey, a Brooklyn-based artist, created Artists for the USPS, an Instagram-driven group that connected amateur and professional artists in pairs, all as part of a move to help support the service. Obviously, given that these are informal cookbooks full of recipes written by amateur chefs, not everything works. Alex Hill, a Brooklyn-based amateur chef, is bringing people together through social media. The technical barriers could prevent millions of amateur investors losing their shirts, which is what happened when the bubble popped. Thankfully, the Coleman kids reached a Burger King, and Wahlberg and his amateur biker gang rode off.

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The word amateur is normally used to mean: somebody who does something e. The opposite of an amateur is a professional. A professional is someone who has had formal training for something.