Arabic erotic arts

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Erotic Art from Lebanon and the Arab World

Artist Rendering of Early Middle Eastern, Arabian and Gypsy Culture

In , there are still many parts of the world where celebrating female lust is an act of revolt in itself. These international artists find inspiration in ancient Arab poems to render radical love. Only a thrust rocks out my strains until the ring on my toe falls in my sleeve and my blues fly away. You might expect it to have been written by a feminist poet in , but this was in fact created in the 8th century by Iraqi Dahna bint Mas-hal. It read like a pop lyric and I thought, if there is one, maybe there are more. She was interested in exploring how rich female sexuality is and always has been, and how deep the misconceptions are in the West around the multitude of Muslim and Arab cultures. She selected 24 poems, wrote them in individually-crafted scrolls, and posted them to 48 women artists around the world.

Artist Rendering of Early Middle Eastern, Arabian and Gypsy Culture.....

When it comes to lust and literature, there is often a tendency to conjure particular images: shades of grey, a little girl named Lolita, or a writhing Lady Chatterley perhaps, and little birds fluttering about every which way. Despite its legendary status, however, there are some who would regard it with little more than a grin. The obscure religion that shaped the West. The lost poetry of Paradise. Eerie historical visions that predict the apocalypse.
Mainstream glamour photographer by day , Lebanese underground visual artist of the erotic genre by night! Sensual art is still perceived as highly provocative and taboo, and is therefore quite shunned in my culture. I have always been fascinated by erotic imagery and references. Other than the fact that eroticism is universal, what draws me even further towards this theme is its history in our region. With its unadulterated and unapologetic nature, Medieval erotic Arabic poetry abound.