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Tube amplifiers are undeniably the more popular choice when it comes to picking an amplifier for professional live performance. They provide a richer, deeper tone with real depth and an incomparable clean sound in relation to a solid state amp , which unfortunately tend to have a bad rep in musician circles. They shape and color the tone of the instrument something which is something important to all guitarists. Play keyboard? Try our review on the top keyboard amps. Often tube amps are thought to be the pricier alternative to their newer adversaries, however reductions in fabrication costs and advancements in the field is resulting in heavy-duty, tube amps from leading brands such as Peavey, Fender and Marshall, at affordable competitive price ranges.

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Besides the guitar itself, a decent guitar amp is one of the most significant purchase a guitarist will make. Indeed, an amp is arguably more important to your overall tone than the guitar! Your first 'proper' amp is likely to be based on something that your heroes play, but you'll soon end up wanting an amp that better fits your own playing style. Whether you use overdrive pedals to provide your gain, or you're looking for your amp to provide full bore distortion on its own, the amp you go for will determine the overall character your audience hears out front. There's a dizzying array of amps on the market, so you need to do some thorough research before pulling the trigger to figure out what's right for you.

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Worried about buying an amp online without playing it first? Buying the best guitar amp for you is pretty much the toughest gear decision any player will make. An amplifier?
We recommend all products independently of 3rd parties including advertisers. A good guitar is nothing without a good amplifier. Even the most amazing vintage or boutique guitar will sound lackluster if not amplified through a great tube amplifier. Despite modeling technology getting better and better, there's still nothing like a guitar going through a roaring or chiming tube amp.