Black boy and mom

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To be a mother is to live in a state of heightened emotions: more joy each time you see your child smile, more excitement than you ever thought you could feel watching someone tie their shoes. Fear that the part of you that goes off into the world every day could meet harm. The following conversation between two moms in Durham, North Carolina—Natalie Minott, a business owner and Black mother of both a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old, and Jessica Slice, a writer and white adoptive mother of a 3-year-old Black son—discusses the reality of raising Black children in the South before and during widespread protests over systemic racism. We are both moms to toddlers at a wonderfully adorable and precocious stage—obsessed with Daniel Tiger, unanswerable questions like why frogs have four toes , and critically specific snack requests.

When My Beautiful Black Boy Grows from Cute to a Threat

A Black Mom and a White Mom Discuss Raising Their Black Children in the South | Glamour

Parenting black males is more complicated than I realized until recently. Being black and staying alive are all of a sudden parts of my parenting perspective. Yes, I understand that many black boys get killed every day in America. They are murdered by other black and brown people. Not as a wife, or some black rights advocate, but as a mom. To a black boy.

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Son, you ought to be more serious. Suppose the superintendent of schools would ask you to teach here in Jackson, and he found out that you had been writing stories? Black Boy.
He started writing and just kept going. I spent a lot of my childhood, summers and vacations there, too. Mississippi is big part of my identity and my roots.