Canadian hardcore bands

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The mainstream one is of a country full of fuddy-duddies, who are all polite to a fault and enjoy a standard of living that makes them seem like Americans on Xanax. The other identity, which any fan of heavy music knows all too well, is that Canada goes fucking hard. Some bands write about the plots of horror movies, but VHS seem to be writing about the experience of watching them. Their brand of grody, grinding garage-death has a tangible quality to it that leaves the listening smelling the ozone from the tube TV set playing Jason Takes Manhattan. But at any given moment, the Wizard will ramp up those tasty NWOBHM riffs to a speed metal pace and create an evil gallop that sounds deeply old-school and at the same time totally modern. With healthy doses of technical skill and bounding groove, their album Paths To Contentment provides listeners with a polished slab of fist-pumping modern metal.

Canadian hardcore punk

Canadian Post-hardcore | List of Post-hardcore Bands From Canada

What even is hardcore? But at its… core, the genre is still defined by the same principles: an indescribable edge that pushes their sound that half-step too far, and an attitude to match. Kill Us All rumbles its crusty low-end with a metallic edge and sewer-drenched vocals that sound simply inhuman at parts. Edging on the heaviest side of hardcore, this Vancouver based band has members past in present from bands like 3 Inches of Blood and Baptists, but their sound leans undeniably closer to the latter—think Southern Lord meets Deathwish with some added meat to the d-beat backbone. These Ottawa punx are raw, quick-footed and down-your-throat aggressive.

Canadian Post-hardcore Bands List

List of Canadian post-hardcore bands, listed by popularity with photos when available. This list includes more than just bands, as post-hardcore solo artists from Canada are included as well. It's always interesting to see where famous bands got their starts, so use this list to discover some great Canadian music that you've never heard before.
From the rainy mountains of British Columbia to the far reaches of the East Coast Atlantic provinces, Canadian musicians are proving their worth while constantly being overshadowed. Post-hardcore act Hotknives have been grinding through the Hamilton music scene for a while, and their blend of melodic heaviness is exactly what Ontario hardcore needs. The band deliver upbeat riffs with a razor-sharp edge brought together with harsh screams and soaring clean vocals. London deathcore act Underlier offer fans of heavy music some nasty beatdown riffs.