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With the battle against Majin Buu over, peace has returned to Earth. Between planning weddings, birthdays, and new training regimes, the Z fighters live their normal lives while a new danger travels through the galaxy. While Goku gets to spend his time training on King Kai's planet, Vegeta is on a family vacation! But this brooding prince would rather spend his time getting stronger than on bonding. Elsewhere, Beerus and Whis continue their path of destruction. Beerus works to find the unbeatable foe in his dream while Supreme Kai tries to keep information about Beerus from Goku.

Dragon Ball Super

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The only file wich is missing is the first episode wich i lost when my HDD starting to fail. All the magnets link I've found of this torrents seems is dead. If there is any way to restore this torrent please email me: aldoanizio yahoo. I can seed the other files. Naruto was made back in the 's.

Dragon Ball Z

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After fighting with Majin Buu, Vegeta realizes he isn't fighting for just himself, but for the entire planet, and commits the ultimate sacrifice. Frieza and King Cold descend upon the Earth, but a mysterious warrior has come to thwart their diabolical plot for revenge. Does this brash young hero have what it takes to stand up to these twin