Farting noises during sex

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These names can be, and often are, very misleading. It is usually odorless because it is not a byproduct of waste in the body. It is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about and it does not imply any type of health concern. Once the penis enters, the air does not have as much space inside of the vagina to occupy, so it is forced out of the vagina abruptly. This expulsion of air will often result in an audible noise, or a queef. The noise itself is caused by the vibration of air passing out of the vaginal structures.

How Can I Keep From Queefing During Sex?

Is It Normal to Queef - What is a Queef

You just queefed, nbd. While you've probs experienced this kind of "vagina fart" before and btw, probs will again , you might not know what a queef actually is. Since this definitely wasn't covered in your sex ed class, it's time to set the record straight. Instead, queefing is the result of a trapped pocket of air getting pushed out of your vagina. It has wrinkle-like folds called "rugae," so air could easily get trapped in there.

What Men REALLY Think When You Queef During Sex

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But while queefs do produce a toot-like sound, we can assure you that queefing is not the same as passing gas. Queefing is an involuntary bodily function that occurs when air is pushed into the vagina, gets temporarily trapped in the folds of the vaginal canal called rugae and is then released. Certain sex positions, like doggy style where your pelvis is titled upwards, or abruptly switching from one position to another, may increase the likelihood of queefing. Even non-sexual activities, like putting in a tampon or menstrual cup, practicing yoga like when you move out of an inversion pose or your gyno inserting a speculum can lead to queefing.