Heineken sex commercial

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Category: Parody
The Campaign for Real Ale recently came under fire for distributing leaflets featuring corset-clad models. They are often matched by explicit and misogynistic pump-clip images. The world has moved on from lads telling jokes on a Saturday and high volume consumption. Beer is now drunk by women and men together.

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Heineken apologizes, pulls controversial ad after being called out by Chance the Rapper

Unsurprisingly, the campaign sparked objection from the Portman Group, which acts as regulatory body for the UK drinks industry. Do you know of any raunchy alcohol adverts? Send them to us at social thedrinksbusiness. Your email address will not be published. Australian Vintage London, UK.

Sexist beer ads: why it's time for a cold, hard rethink

The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected complaints that a Heineken TV ad encouraged excessive drinking and linked alcohol to sexual success. The ad shows a man getting into a taxi as a woman left. He finds she left a number of business cards on the seat, prompting a surreal journey around the city.
The beer industry has a long and vexed history of dude-centric advertising. If women even featured in early beer ads, they were typically depicted serving up a cold brew to their hard-working husbands or were simply reduced to objects of the male gaze. Since then, after a whopping century or so, the frat-house imagery and misogynist subjugation of beer ads seem to finally be losing favor as ad targeting shifts towards a generation of millennial beer-drinkers less likely to tolerate such attitudes. While we can take solace in the fact that the landscape does show signs of shifting, plenty of modern beer ads still fall woefully short when it comes to attitudes about women. In response, Brazilian beer brand Skol recently owned up to its flagrant use of the female form to market their product and decided to do something about it.