Hotsex game

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Hot Sex Game for Couple for iOS

Hot Sex Game - Special Edition App for Free Download

There are party games and video games and mind games, and then there are good, romp-in-the-bed sex games. These games inject some excitement into a relationship, and they are not as lazy as a simple game of "Truth or Dare" that you'll inevitably quit after two rounds, because it's boring. Don't get us started on "Never Have I Ever. And keeping things fun in a relationship is pretty damn important, especially if your relationship is well past the honeymoon phase. A study found that participants in long-term relationships of at least three years who enjoyed more orgasms, engaged in more oral sex, and experimented with more sex positions reported being highly satisfied with their sex lives. And wouldn't you know it, a sex game is a tailor-made way to increase all three. So take this article and put it into action.

Hot Sex Game for Couple

By joining Download. Are you looking for an erotic game to get naughty with your partner? This game for couples contains more than 50 sex challenges to spice up your relationship! First of all, this app is a game for couples.
I worked a lot to add some new features, fix some bugs and add new dares! I hope you'll like it and you'll write a 5 stars review : - 2 new categories Truth or Dare - new dares - new button to get another dare when playing - option to automatically go to the next level. Fixed the bug that prevented the keyboard from closing and therefore prevented the addition of players or challenges.