How to make mlg edits

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Category: Parody
The first MLG was uploaded in But it was the primal MLG. In it quickly developed and edits appeared. Not like the boring low quality cutscene and rendering as seen in YTPs, this type of editing really makes people get seizure. The reason is in some Youtubers making this meme became tired of making MLG they explains that they quited because there were some rumors that MLG is for 12 year-olds only but in fact, not true , therefore MLG dropped its popularity.

Montage Parody

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Of course this is MLG. Old memes can be found in a Montage Parody. It requires more editing, more cinematic special effects, and a storyline. It can contain montages from any games, not only FPSs. Though Montage Parodies have appeared on YouTube in and then along with MLG , this type of editing was uncared and if one sees a montage parody, they then think it's a normal MLG video or just " meme ".

MLG Montage Parody

Warning: Media section contains flashy and loud videos may cause epileptic seizure. Montage Parodies or "MLG Montages" are a series of remix videos parodying the "video game montage" subgenre on YouTube , which is characterized by quick-paced edits and looped footage, as well as heavy use of loud dubstep music and squeaker sounds in the background. While this style of editing initially rose to popularity through highlight reels of impressive gameplay released by e-sport teams in the Major Gaming League , it quickly became known as a cliche as amateur gamers began creating their own, usually with in-game footage of unremarkable quality.
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