Is there a lindsay lohan sex tape

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Oh, you forgot about the list? Don't worry, we remember it. Rather than store dates, you know, like the birthdays of beloved family members or the deadline for filing taxes, we hold onto the truly important ones. All written on a Scattegories playing card, a very important detail.

Checking In on All the Famous Men on Lindsay Lohan's Infamous Sex List 5 Years Later

World braces for Lindsay Lohan sex tape • The Register

Lindsay Lohan may be fearful that an old sex tape is about to surface on the internet, but she put up a brave front last night. The year-old actress went bra-less in a blouse that was slashed almost to her waist as she arrived at West Hollywood club Voyeur. The Mean Girls actress is currently bracing herself for the internet release of a private video file. Fronting it out: Lindsay Lohan arrives at Voyeur club in West Hollywood last night amid claims her sex tape featuring an unknown male will be leaked on the net. According to reports, a second tape of the actress frolicking naked with a mystery male is currently being around LA. But LiLo put on a brave face last night as she attended a party for a new luxury sex toy. The star, who was lauded as a shining light and went to straight into the A-list as a teenage actress, joined Colombian Sofia Vergara at the rather tacky event.

World braces for Lindsay Lohan sex tape

By Fay Strang for MailOnline. Actress Lindsay Lohan has spoken about her reaction to James Franco's short story about her for the first time. When people say things about other people I don't think it's necessary, I've never talked about anyone else and I never will.
Sometimes you hear a celebrity rumor and go, "Nope, that's not true. I don't believe it and I never will. Or is it? Oh man, someone tell me the truth NOW! According to reports, Lindsay Lohan wrote a list of the famous people she's has sex with and that list has been released to In Touch magazine.