Kamihime project r review

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Category: Parody
Kamihime Project R is an adult oriented hentai style RPG adventure game featuring turn based combat elements and an awesome and inventive story. Kamihime Project is available on the Nutaku platform and is free to play with in game incentives to spend money. We have reviewed this game 2 years ago, but since then there's been many updates and changes, so this is an updated review. The legendary status of this game warrants yours truly to give it a review and a deep look.

Kamihime Project R Review

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In the world of Kamihime Project, the player takes on the role of the Successor, a young male who finds an ancient relic know as the Device while exploring some old ruins. Now he and his childhood friend Alyssa set out on a journey to prevent the second coming of Ragnarok, an event that completely destroyed an ancient civilization thousands of years ago. During their journey they will need to recruit Souls , Kamihime and Eidolons to help them complete their goal. See All. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Kamihime Project R - Game Review

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Life is a lot like reviewing games for Nutaku. Since it lends itself to the mobile game format, I ended up spending most of my playtime on the android version. Hot damn, we got a big boi on our hands ladies and gentlemen. The art you can witness for yourself in the provided photos, the shit is clean. That goes for the character portraits, h-scenes, and sprites for the units in the gameplay.