Kristen stewart look alike

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Teresa Palmer/Kristen Stewart : look alike

38 Celebrity Doppelgangers Who Need To Play Siblings - MTV

There are so many famous actors that it can be hard to keep them all straight. Everyone has watched a movie or television show and mistaken an actor for a completely different actor at some point in their life. No one can be blamed for mistaking one from the other from time to time. Celebrity look-a-likes are always fascinating, but also incredibly confusing. Do they share DNA?

Celebrity Lookalikes That Will Blow Your Mind

Being told you look just like such-and-such celebrity is usually a pretty big compliment -- even if you yourself are also a celebrity or so we guess. For example, Bryce Dallas Howard has a good attitude about constantly being compared to her "The Help" co-star and fellow famous redhead Jessica Chastain because, well, a girl could do worse, ya know what we mean? And Bryce even admitted to doing a mirror take alongside Chastain just to see what all the fuss is about - which, um, was probably pretty easy to discern because just LOOK:. Her "goal" now, "is to play sisters with" Chastain sometime, which is pretty much the pitch perfect casting idea for a renegade road trip movie, and why hasn't this happened yet?
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