Living on love alone

Duration: 8min 17sec Views: 927 Submitted: 21.09.2019
Category: Parody
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Living on Love Alone

Living on Love Alone () - FilmAffinity

Watch the video. Title: Living on Love Alone Julie Bataille is fed up with student jobs. At 23, with a 5-years university degree, she wants to work for real. She meets Ben by chance at a job interview. He's a guy who chose to live by the day, getting by with whatever crosses his path and small-time trafficking.

Living On Love Alone (D'Amour Et D'eau Fraiche) + Q&A

Julie Bataille, 23, is eager to make a start in the job market. But she finds herself taking a succession of soul-destroying jobs and tangling with a series of wildly unsuitable men. Taking part in a role-playing charade for a job interview, she meets a freewheeling young actor, who shows her another way to live life, outside the nine-to-five rut. The couple hit it off and head for an idyllic existence away from the system, only for reality to catch them unawares.
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