Maltese poodle adult

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Both the Maltese and Poodle are friendly, gentle, playful, low-shedding, and smart. Combine them together, and you have an ideal little companion dog. How big do Maltipoos get? Maltipoos can weigh anywhere from 3 — 18 pounds and measure 6 — 14 inches tall, depending on the size of the parents.

Maltese Poodle Mix Breed Profile: The Ultimate Apartment Dog?

Maltese Poodle Mix Breed Profile: The Ultimate Apartment Dog? - Perfect Dog Breeds

They can inherit characteristics from either parent, but usually have a slightly scruffy, white or cream, coat, and an affectionate temperament. They may suffer from separation anxiety if left alone, and are happiest in a home where they have company during the day. The Maltese Poodle mix has only become popular in the last few decades. But both parents are from ancient breeds with a long history. The Maltese originates in Europe although whether it is actually from Malta is disputed.

How Big Do Maltipoos Get? Average Full Grown Size

Known to be friendly, intelligent, and adorable, Maltipoos are quickly finding their way into many pet parents' hearts. As a dog who does well in both large and small households and who loves to play fetch as much as they love to curl up on your lap, it doesn't take long to see why so many people are eager to adopt these lovable pups. Known as a designer dog, these charming little pups are a fairly new breed.
Not actually a dog breed per se, the Maltipoo is a popular cross of the Maltese and Poodle , known for their fun-loving and affectionate nature. Maltipoos are highly affectionate and would make a great choice for a novice pet parent. Contrary to popular belief, small size doesn't necessarily an apartment dog make.