Oral sex techniques for guys

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It's common knowledge that men love to be on the receiving end of oral sex. There are infinite possibilities as to how to give it, which can leave women a little confused -- what's the best way to do it? It's hard to know what feels good Start gently, with your man standing and facing you, as you kneel or squat in front of him -- that way, he can fall back on the bed when the sensations become too intense. Take the shaft of his penis in both of your hands, putting all your fingers on the shaft without touching the head of the penis. Gently begin to rub the skin, moving your hands back and forth in opposite directions as if you're making a play-doh snake or starting a campfire.

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Good sex is good for your health. According to a study published in Biological Psychology , sex can help lower stress-related blood pressure. Another study found that it can help improve memory in women. Other research points to the fact that frequent sex can help relive pain. You know what else?

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