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What is queefing? Queefing refers to the release of air from the vagina. The vagina is a tube that has an ending composed of folds called "rugae," Jones explains. You have a queef.

Everything You Want to Know About Queefing

Everything You Want to Know About Queefing

So, you're switching from missionary to doggy style when your body emits a noise that sounds like you stashed a whoopee cushion in your vagina. Or as you settle into downward dog and your ass is pointing skyward, an extremely rude-seeming sound slips out. Don't feel embarrassed. Bodies are cool and weird, and sometimes they make noises at inopportune times. Your vagina does not care what you're up to, she's going to do whatever she wants. It's admirable, really, even though it can be annoying in the moment. A queef is the sound air makes when it gets displaced or otherwise forced out of the vagina.

What the Queef?

While queefing, aka the sound or feeling of air escaping your vagina, is often lumped in with farting, they are two entirely different beasts. A queef is not a fart! For starters, farts are gas coming out of your butt while a queef refers to the lil sound of air rushing out of your vagina. Cross , M.
These names can be, and often are, very misleading. It is usually odorless because it is not a byproduct of waste in the body. It is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about and it does not imply any type of health concern. Once the penis enters, the air does not have as much space inside of the vagina to occupy, so it is forced out of the vagina abruptly.