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Below are posts from our forum containing the phrase semen. Some are current, others are old, but may still be useful. Started by ZZ Last post: Excessive night fall and watery semen 10 I am 24 years old with 6 feet height and 59 kg weight. I am suffering from night fall problem from last 3 years and semen is watery health condition is not good. I get night fall e

Am I Normal? The Guy’s Guide to Normal Semen Quality

The Surprising Health Benefits of Swallowing Semen — OK Whatever

The single mom wears a blue sports bra as she films the experiment, her midriff exposing part of a tattoo that looks vaguely — and appropriately — phallic. Their relationship, she assures viewers, is completely platonic. In fact, her friend has been supplying her with it for about a year now, ever since she tried using semen as a face mask. Kiss ladles a spoonful of the cum from a glass bowl and gives it a tentative whiff.

12 Fascinating Facts About Semen

I have noticed that the quantity and consistency of my semen has changed. It used to be copious and fairly thick, but now I can only manage a few spurts of thin, watery semen. I have always had strong orgasms — now I seem to be going through the motions, but with very little to show for it!
What does normal semen look like? Is it better to have thick or thin semen? So before we get into the thick of things, here are some basics about semen:.