Sex party chicago

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Inside Chicago’s Underground Sex Dungeons

Invite Only - Chicago's Premier Lifestyle Events for Open Couples

Killing Kittens is an international organization that throws upscale masquerade lifestyle parties around the world. They are especially big in London, and are just getting started hosting events in Chicago. You must apply to join the group on their website, and they pride themselves on being very exclusive. Kurious Kittens is a subgroup of the more famous group, Killing Kittens.

Sex and the suburbs

What if we told you that Chicago is also home to, not one, but two exclusive sex dungeons? Then, we toured two rooms where all the dark magic happens. Saint Andrew's cross Originally created to worship Andrew -- the patron saint of freakiness? Bolted to the wall, Saint Andrew's Cross is great for stand-up bondage. Impact playthings The toy selection includes floggers, whips, paddles, canes, crops, rulers, spoons, and hair brushes, all of which can be used for striking the body.
What is the PPPP? The Private Poly Play Party is a weekly private event. We are a sex-positive social club for anyone with an alternative lifestyle or someone who enjoys socializing in a judgement-free space. We offer an open nonalcoholic bar, sexy party games like Sexy Jenga , free STD testing every other week, free condoms and lube, free food, BDSM equipment and furniture, in-house Dominatrixes, burlesque performers, and a welcoming atmosphere! We have informal classes and learning moments all night long from staff and guests alike, making it perfect for folks new to kink or more experienced kinksters looking to share their knowledge.