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Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. See the full gallery. Spike Lee's take on the "Son of Sam" murders in New York City during the summer of centering on the residents of an Italian-American Northeast Bronx neighborhood who live in fear and distrust of one another. With films like 'Inside Man' and the upcoming 'Selling Time', it appears as though Spike Lee is departing from his gritty streetwise films on racial prejudice, and into the pleasant commercial world of Hollywood. He stills touches upon the odd racial issue today, as is his trademark, but they seem more like mandatory inclusions than anything else, being left unexplored and unimportant.

Where ‘Summer of Sam’ Went Wrong

Where ‘Summer of Sam’ Went Wrong | MovieBabble

Despite the risk of said label, I maintain that this movie is just… too much. Too much of almost everything. So much profanity , it renders some dialogue nonsensical. So much sex, it was this close to an NC rating. I am far from the only one to find this problematic. Now, I am not exactly opposed to profanity in movies. Honestly, a movie like Summer of Sam would be a little ridiculous without it.

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Summer of Sam is a American crime thriller film about the David Berkowitz Son of Sam serial murders and their effect on a group of fictional residents of an Italian-American neighborhood in The Bronx in the late s. The killer, David Berkowitz, his murders and the investigation are shown in the film but the focus is on two young men from the neighborhood: Vinny John Leguizamo , whose marriage is faltering due to his cheating and Ritchie Adrien Brody , Vinny's childhood friend who has embraced punk fashion and music. The murder investigation and other contemporary events, such as the New York City blackout of and the New York Yankees ' winning season , provide a backdrop to the stories of Vinny, Ritchie, their families and friends. It is the summer of , and New York City lives in fear of the ". The killer, David Berkowitz, later identifies himself as "Son of Sam" in a note left at a murder scene.
Summer of Sam. It has a lot of nudity, including an orgy scene. LIFE by. Behind the scenes : Directed by Spike Lee. Written by.