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It's completely useless putting this notice on without the submitter putting something on the talk page about why its been put on. I take it the notice is about the sexual practice. How does this belong in the Wikipedia? It's not Encyclopedic, in fact it's slang that isn't even in comon usage.

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Pop Culture Commentary: Nelly’s “Tip Drill” Video – Persephone Magazine

I remember being shown the video by an old friend, one that was both shocking and profanely exciting in nature to me in discovering my new-found feminine sexuality. I looked at it yesterday more shocked and disgusted, as opposed to naughtily intrigued. This brings me to another important instance of sexism that I encountered this week in my own personal life: a University of Toronto professor coming under fire for his recent comments about not wanting to teach women writers. Meanwhile, these forms of hatred are forgotten about. I'm a something University of Toronto student trying to hack it as a freelance writer but am also an aspiring journalist. I am particularly interested in diversity within the mass media and love to deconstruct different kinds of advertising, investigating the types of populations different kinds of marketing target. View all posts by Taylor.

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Top definition. A tip drill is another name for runnin a train on a girl. Comes from baseketball where players line up at the free throw line and tip it off the backboard consecutively, one after another.