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Paige Jennings, the former porn star known as Veronica Vain, is working her way towards becoming a YouTube star. Credit: Paige Jennings. Jennings is now trying her hand at becoming a YouTube celebrity and focusing on playing video games in an industry known as e-sports, which has become a near billion-dollar industry over the past few years. Big video game companies, such as Nintendo, EA and others are cashing in on the trend.

Wall Street intern quits finance to become porn star, offers quite stunning justification

Alex Legend & Veronica Vain The Wall Street Intern First DP! -

By Veronica Vain. This article was originally published on XOJane. Apparently, there is something grossly wrong with having an incredibly demanding libido. With as strong a sexual presence as the perpetual leering looks from men of all ages tell me I have, there were times in my life when I wondered if sex was all anyone would ever want from me. Becoming a stripper at the age of 18 in order to pay for school without sacrificing too much time did little to help matters emotionally. Brigitte Stelzer As if they could possibly judge a situation with which they never found themselves confronted. It was enough to get me accepted into a top 20 ranked university, but not enough to enable me to attend.

How a Wall Street Intern Became a Porn Star With a Six-Figure Salary

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Frustrated by the high work volume and low pay of internships, Paige Jennings left Wall Street to carve a more lucrative career as porn star Veronica Vain. A University of Florida graduate with a passion for financial analysis, the year-old came up with a pretty fitting solution to the old adage that Wall Street is made up of people either getting screwed or screwing someone else. Vain began her career in porn by taking naked selfies in the toilets of her firm because she was bored, which served as part of her application for the porn reality show Sex Factor which she will compete in next month in Las Vegas though the press she has already received will have surely already secured her a career in the industry. She is legally bound from revealing her former employer's name, though Business Insider has traced her to Lazard Asset Management , which describes itself as "a trusted advisor to governments, financial institutions, public and private retirement plans, and individuals around the world. Vain makes no apologies for her career departure, with her Twitter bio stating: "I just left a job on Wall Street for a porn career because I can't stop masturbating at work and have an affinity for jizz showers.