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25 of the craziest stats about sex

10 surprising sex statistics

The two analyzed the responses of 5, men and women aged 18 to 34 from across all 51 states to identify the sexual behaviors, attitudes and perceptions of millennials in the United States. Take a look at the most surprising stats below. See how you stack up, size up, and match up to their figures on one night stands, average penis size, masturbation, and more. Think married life marks the end of your sex life? Think again. According to the survey, for most men and women, relationships are the catalyst to consistent sexual activity: 42 percent of married people have sex several times per week, compared to 40 percent of people in committed relationships, 37 percent of people who are engaged, and 20 percent of singles. About 70 percent of millennials have sex at least once a week, and 36 percent get between the sheets up to several times a week.

The 10 Most Surprising Sex Statistics

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The Kinsey Institute fields a multitude of questions about sexuality, gender, reproduction, and other topics. Consult the topics below for answers, statistics, and resources to our most frequently asked questions. This is not a repository for all answers and statistics related to human sexuality, gender, or reproduction. The following only addresses questions frequently asked of the Kinsey Institute and its researchers.